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Quality control

To provide the quality translation and localization service is always our top priority, and to turn our wish into the actual fact requires a strict and comprehensive quality assurance system.

To ensure the high quality services, we prepare the quality assurance system through years of exploration and practice, which is not only helpful to find out the problems and also to effectively avoid occurrence of problems.

The system consists of the complete guidelines for translation and the quality checklists, covering all the aspects of the translation process. When any item of the work fails to meet the quality standard, the work must be reworked until it meets the standard. In addition, with the quality guidelines, we can have an overall understanding of all the aspects of the project in process so as to find out any possible or existing quality problem.

To ensure execution of all the steps of the process of a project according to the requirements of the client and the Company, we execute the project strictly according to the procedures, and closely monitor all the steps of execution, i.e. establishing the quality assurance system independent of the process itself during execution, for sampling check of the quality of all steps executed or in execution, as one of the important criteria for performance assessment. All the members of the project are required to follow the procedures and the quality standard.

Concerted efforts of all employees – actual assurance of quality

Success means the proper personnel and suitable use of them, full utilization of opportunities and the correct action, and it is the principle guiding us to render the quality translation services.

The translation work requires many abilities and the strong technical background of translators, among others, the strong ability in understanding the source language is one of the most important and basic abilities, and the solid technical knowledge and the strong sense of responsibility are very important, in addition, it requires the adequate knowledge and experience in software (text) and localization, as well as the strong ability in the target language. Therefore, only with the careful work based on the ability and intelligence can the quality translation be provided, and, Shanghai Grandeur China Translation Center is such a close cooperation-based team.

Excellent translators – key to quality assurance

The translators play the critical role in execution of the translation project and ensuring the quality of services.

Our translators have years of experience in translation and the strong technical background (most of them having the doctor's or master's degree and years of experience in technical work). Our translation team shall always make full contribution to our clients with the ability and wisdom.

Project execution

Apart from the personal factors, the measures in execution of translation projects are also critical to the quality of translation.

• The accurate glossary is the basis for the translation quality;

• The translation memory shall be fully utilized to ensure the consistency of translation and to save the cost of clients;

• All the participants of any project are required to know and observe the quality standard;

• All the participants of a specific project shall adopt the uniform style, e.g. the different styles for the marketing brochure, technical manual or online game;

• The least members necessary for a project team shall be assigned during the translation, to ensure the consistency in the glossary and style of the translation;

• The 100% full text proofreading and review shall be executed;

• The application of the final user shall be simulated in quality review;

• he personnel for proofreading and final review shall report the problems found in the completed translation everyday, to avoid reoccurrence and help improve the working efficiency and quality;

• The review by the experienced and careful experts is a necessary step in the process of translation, critical for ensuring the technical accuracy and habitual expressions of the translation;

• The translators are required to report any difficulty in technology and language, and relevant experts shall be invited to solve them;

• For a software localization project, the software of the source language shall be installed, if applicable, the overall introduction and the relevant information shall be provided to the translators, and the technical support shall be available, to ensure all the translators understand the meaning of the source language;

• The work summary meeting shall be held regularly, to provide the opportunities for mutual exchange and learning of the translators, during which the excellent translations shall be distributed as the models for reference, and the problems encountered during translation shall be listed for discussion and precaution;

• The complete performance assessment system is established in the Company, an important part in implementation of the quality assurance system.





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