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We clearly know the importance of clients’ information, which is critical to the market strategy, enterprise development and even the success of the enterprise.

Grandeur China Translation implements the strict confidentiality management for the information of clients to meet our absolute responsibility and commitment to the clients.

1. We shall keep strict confidentiality of any information of clients, and take the special confidentiality measures for the special requirements of clients.

2. Without the permission of the client, we shall never disclose any information of the client to any third party.

3. We shall execute the strict confidentiality measures in the Company, appoint special personnel responsible for all the procedures, sign the Confidentiality Agreement with relevant personnel, and maintain the restraint mechanism and the authority mechanism.

4. For the electronic files, we have the independent data protection measures and mechanism, with the password protection and automatic destroying mechanism upon unauthorized access.

5. We keep an eye on any virus all the time, with the anti-virus software automatically updating the latest virus types everyday (updating at any time in case of any emergency), and virus inspection for all the data when receiving and sending emails.

6. Generally, we shall keep the information of the clients for 1 year, and then completely destroy or cancel them if no special requirements are given from the clients, or cancel immediately if required by the client.

Internal measures

To safeguard the interest of clients and avoid disclosure of the secret information during translation, we prepare and maintain the in-house confidentiality system:

1. Sign the Confidentiality Agreement with the client together with the Translation Service Contract;

2. Not reproduce or copy any content, in whole or part, of the information entrusted by the client for translation, in any form, without the written permission of the client;

3. Not allow any person other than the translators to access or review the documents during translation;

4. Not allow the personnel for typing or typesetting to copy or disseminate via internet the information for translation without authorization;

5. Hand over/take over the documents strictly in accordance with relevant requirements of the Company;

6. Not disclose the origin, type, nature, background, etc. of the information of clients to any personnel unconcerned in the Company or personnel outside the Company;

7. Dispose of the translated version and the files stored in the computer according to the requirements of the client after delivery of the finished documents.





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