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• The word count of translation is based on Chinese characters calculated by the computer automatically, i.e. TOOL in Microsoft Word → WORD COUNT → CHARACTER (not including blanks). Manual calculation shall be adopted when there is no electronic file, with the same standard as that of the word count in the computer;

• Please provide the clear, unambiguous and smooth original texts and photos/drawings for translation, otherwise time shall be wasted and we cannot ensure the accuracy if we have to check with you the text;

• Please provide the finalized text to us. Any amendment, addition or deletion of the text when we have started translation will interfere with the continuity of translation and bring inconvenience to the translators. The cost for translation incurred before our receipt of the client's notice on reduction of the document or termination of translation shall be on account of the client;

• Please provide the necessary reference information to assist in the translation, including previous translation, glossary, special and customary expressions, references, manuals, names of persons and places, etc., which can ensure the accuracy of translation, help us render the translation more applicable to your use and save the time and load in translation. We will tailor the glossary and conduct the strict management on the terms, to ensure the consistency and improve the translation quality;

• Please make you arrangement as soon as possible, to provide sufficient time for us to render the quality services. Translation is the knowledge intensive work, also a language recreation process of high work load, and the computer cannot replace the high calibre translator. Even a most experienced translator can only complete the limited quantity of work, not including the post proofreading and the typesetting;

• We are only responsible for the accuracy of the translation, but not held liable for any direct or indirect consequence caused from the origin, content or purpose of the source text or from application of the translation;

• Due carefulness cannot ensure no mistake. Some of our treatment may be unsatisfactory to you regarding some details, due to multiple meanings in the language items or the personal language style and other reasons, for which we will provide corrections free of charge. For any material mistake, please point out within 10 days after delivery of the translation, otherwise, it will deem you waive such claim;

• Translation Assignment Agreement and Assignment Sheet are the formal legal documents. The client is required to fully complete the documents, and indicate the format, font, size, binding, storage and other requirements on the translation, and the relevant names of the persons, places, institutions and others in the Remarks ;

• We shall keep confidential of the original and translated documents of the clients. For any special requirements on confidentiality, the client shall inform us in advance, and we shall achieve the effect of confidentiality through reducing the number of translators, destroying the relevant document as required and other measures, or both parties may sign the separate confidentiality agreement, to specify the concrete requirements;

• The clients own the right of use and ownership of the intellectual property rights of the translated documents and we reserve the right of signature thereof;

• For any project with over 100,000 characters, we can provide the free trial translation within 500 characters;

• We have the long-term translation service agreement for the regular clients, and upon execution of the agreement, the clients can enjoy the preferential price, special payment cycle, priority of translation and other preferences, to facilitate both parties to establish the long-term stable cooperation relationship.





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