Customer Service

Service flow diagram

Communication with clients:

Based on the initial intent for cooperation of both parties, we shall assign the special personnel responsible for enquiry and further discussion with the client, fully know the nature, characteristics, purpose, schedule and requirements of translation, and decide whether to accept the order based on the requirements and our human resources in the field, and if acceptable, make the detailed quotation according to the specific requirements of the client and inform the client through the Customer Service.

Contract execution:

When the offered price is acceptable to the client, we shall issue the contract for execution by both parties (including the Confidentiality Agreement).

Task assignment:

After finalizing the price and execution of the contract, the documents shall be delivered to the translation project team. The project manager shall select the suitable translators according to the category and the requirement on translation of the documents, and convene the meeting to distribute the tasks and announce the quality assurance requirements.


1. Our team consists of the high calibre translators through our careful selection, with professional knowledge, rich experience and positive work attitude. We shall assign the translators of the related background and with rich experience in the field for translation of the documents according to the requirements of the client;

2. For the highly professional documents, the translation project team shall establish the glossary database in the specified period, and for the difficult terms, the team shall consult the relevant experts and the client and, determine the final translation through collective discussion.


The translators shall execute the translation strictly according to the requirements announced in the meeting of the translation project team and the glossary database established, and inform the project manager timely of any difficulty or question encountered during translation, and the project manager shall arrange the expert team (including foreign experts) or the translation project team for solution collectively. The project manager shall monitor the progress of each translator all the time, and when finding any translator cannot complete the work on time or the overall quality cannot meet the requirements, arrange other translators to take up part of the work or stop his/her work immediately, and re-allocate the work.

Proofreading by translators:

The translators shall check their completed translation at least for two times, to ensure there is no misspelling, wrong sentence structure or wrong term and other obvious mistakes, and then submit it to the project manager, and sign for confirmation.

Review by experts:

After the end of the translation, the preliminary review personnel shall conduct the proofreading and treatment for uniformity of the completed translation and provide opinions for correction to the translators, and the final review personnel shall conduct the further proofreading and retouching.

Note: The documents translated into any foreign language, irrespective of the quantity, shall be reviewed by our foreign expert (the native speaker), to ensure the correct expression, proper flow and structure of language, making each completed version virtually suitable to the reading habit of foreigners.


Then our typesetting personnel shall typeset the translated version (including treatment of the images), and complete the saving, typing, CD-rom write in, etc. according to the requirements of the client.

Document delivery:

Finally we shall deliver the version to the client after successful acceptance.

Follow-up services:

We will make corrections to the translation as required by the client (Due to our strict quality assurance system, there is rarely such requirement for correction), and pay close attention to the opinions of the client. We will properly handle all the documents of clients (including fax communications, copies, data files, etc.), to meet the requirements of the clients on confidentiality.

Work summary:

Upon completion of the project, the translation team shall hold meetings and provide training to the translators, to summarize the experience and lessons to learn from the project, discuss the differences in translation, and document the results and publish in the website of the Company or the professional journals, to facilitate the subsequent work.





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