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Legal Document Translation

The legal translation features the rigorous diction, strict logic, special purpose wording, complicated sentences, etc. The legal documents differ from the common documents in the text structure, text pattern, stylistic features, register features and so on. Only the professional translators having strong language ability, abundant knowledge on law and years of experience in translation can ensure the quality of legal document translation.

The legal translation involves not only the translation of the legal document itself, but also the translation of business, trade, finance and other matters related to law. Therefore, the translator shall have the necessary knowledge on law, and the knowledge on business and specific industries or fields, and the ability to render the style and expression complying with the criteria of the legal industry, in addition to the general translation ability, which is different from that of the general translation.

Our legal translators have the experience of working as lawyers or legal translator in famous law firms or the legal affairs department of multinationals, with rich knowledge, thoughtful mind and strict in logic. With our excellent performance in services for domestic and foreign companies and law firms and the good market image and reputation, we have become a leader in professional legal translation services.

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