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We have brought together many excellent interpreters, and will carefully screen and select the appropriate interpreter(s) for each project. Many of our interpreters have provided the services for tens of large meetings, with rich experience and quick response to different scenarios.

Grandeur China provides the interpretation and simultaneous interpretation services of various languages in international business, law, science and technology, communication, machinery and electronics, medicine, finance and insurance, traffic and transport and other fields. We would like to build the bridge for communication and cooperation in international business, science and technology and culture, with the excellent, efficient and professional interpretation services.

Since the inception, we have provided thousands of interpretation services for hundred companies, including international meetings, large size trainings, news conferences, high level business meeting, foreign leaders and delegations, on-site technical exchange and other activities, covering English, French, Japanese, Korea, German, Russian, Spanish and other languages (totally more than 20), gradually developing the unique interpretation business flow and the meticulous operation mode.

Interpretation Categories:

1. Simultaneous interpretation for large size meetings

We have interpreters for different industries with the experience of simultaneous interpretation in large size meetings, and provide the simultaneous interpretation services and simultaneous interpretation equipment leasing services.

Scope: Diplomatic and foreign affairs, international forums, business activities, trainings and courses, large exhibitions, TV and broadcasting, etc.

2. Alternate interpretation for large and medium size meetings

Scope: Diplomatic meeting, banquet speech, news conference, seminar, small exhibition, visit, negotiation, etc.

3. Business escort interpretation, including escort, negotiation, site interpretation, etc.

Scope: Exhibition, visit, gathering, business negotiation, discussion, site visit, travel, etc.

4. Teleconference





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